Sale Trunk


It’s that time of year again, time for sale trunks. We have packaged 10-12 items in each bag, some have never even been online.

Nothing is wrong with any of these items. They are just items that we need to move. It will be a mix of items: tops, bottoms, dresses, accessories and tanks. 

Sale trunks are picked up in New Lenox and need to be dropped back off in New Lenox. All sale trunks will be given out for 24 hours- please do not book unless you are able to pick up and drop back off. 

Here’s how pricing works:

 The more you buy: the more you save.  You can even hold on to items for gifts, next season or as around the house clothes. You can keep this sale trunk for 24 hours and then just shoot us a text with what items you plan to keep and we will come back and grab the items you do not want. We can accept cash or check for our sale trunks.

Here is the breakdown of pricing:
Buy 1 Item: $20 ($20EACH)
Buy 2 Items: $38 (19EACH)
Buy 3 Items:  $54 ($18 EACH)
Buy 4 Items: $68 ($17 EACH)
Buy 5 Items: $80 ($16 EACH)
Buy 6 Items: $90 ($15 EACH
Buy 7 Items: $98 ($14 EACH)
Buy 8 Items: $104 ($13 EACH)
Buy 9 Items: $108 ($12 EACH)
Buy 10 Items: $110 ($11 EACH)

Buy all twelve items $115


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